10 Annoying things on the 1235 Paignton to Birmingham train .

Great holiday but having been on the train for a grand total of 35 minutes I’m beginning to get slightly irritated.

Now you may ask why here’s the bloody list.

1.No free WiFi or decent phone signal.
2.The 2 kids that are up and down the aisle as if its sort of playground.
3.The lack of parental control shown by the parents/guardians of the above.
4.The constant shouting of the above to the kids in point 2 with absolutely no results.
5.Being told constantly that the refreshments trolley is situated in coach B which is like 3 Coaches away its got wheels bring it here.
6.The constant drone of some unidentifiable music playing on my daughters iPod.
7.The game of musical chairs being played by passengers looking for their reserved seats occupied by seat jackers.
8.The ‘next stop announcements’ which are rushed/muffled and pretty much unintelligible have you ever heard of a place called ‘Whoreton’ which I presume was meant to be Taunton .
9.Constantly being nudged by the wife while trying to write this article.
10.Getting bashed by the over sized luggage being manoeuvred down the insanely narrow train aisle .Swiftly followed by being crushed by the somewhat large buttock of the owner of the over sized luggage.

The joys of travelling on Virgin trains. Only 2 and a bit hours to go.

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