Apps on my Hudl 2

Apps on my Hudl 2

To get the most out of my Hudl 2 I have downloaded and installed a few applications that enhance my daily usage of the Hudl 2.

Because I have a number of websites one of the first applications i installed was WordPress for Android. This allows me to update and post articles from my Hudl 2 to various sites. I use this application pretty frequently as the articles can be written and stored off line for uploading once I am connected to the net.

Tweetcaster Pro having multiple Twitter accounts this app lets me manage and view all activity in one place. If like me you follow both local and business feeds Tweetcaster Pro is a boon as it enables you to create lists in which you can use to group related feeds.

If you happen to be a Virgin media TiVo customer their TVAnywhere app is a must have .

Got Virgin Media TiVo® Service on your telly? Meet Virgin TV Anywhere! It lets you watch live TV, wherever you connect to WiFi in the UK, on selected Android mobile phones and tablets. What’s more, you can manage your recordings on the move, as well as search, browse, discover and share what you’re watching on 3G/4G mobile connection or with WiFi. Plus, you can use it at home as a clever remote control.

Just be sure that you are connected to WiFi or you have unlimited data when using this app .

Kobo Books replaced the Tesco book service once it was closed down.Its not a bad app though I find it a bit well clunky .Not got round to finding a replacement service for it yet and to be honest because my books are all within Kobo I will probably stick with it.

Facebook app well not much to say about this one really it seems the whole world uses it.

Skype nice app for having a chat with family and friends who are spread across the globe.

I’ve got a number of other apps installed to manage things like documents and spreadsheets but I use these infrequently on the Hudl 2.

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