Bin Collections or Not Where are the Bin Men

Bin Collections or Not where are the Bin Men

Bin Collections are not happening. It seems that it’s that time of year again strikes and more unproductive nonsense.
So if your refuse bin has fallen victim to the industrial action of the bin men please stay calm.Now this is quite a traumatic experience for the bins owner the local community and let’s not forget the bin itself, but there are simple steps to take to reduce the impact of the failed Bin Collections

Bin Needs EmptyingSo your bin as not been emptied and is quietly festering away with numerous days worth of rotting food and the like. The cats foxes and other various wildlife are attempting to break into the bins to reach what for them is a potential feast.

Bin Collections not happening Simple steps to follow

1.Do not overfill your bin if the bin will not close it will soon be a potential attraction for the local wildlife with your rubbish strewn all over the neighbourhood for all to see.


2.Placing your bin in a tidy and orderly fashion outside your property as close to the kerb as possible ,remember people have to use the footpaths.

3.Be observant the bins are likely to be emptied when you are least expecting it.


After your Bin Collection as happened please action the following

1.Go find your beloved wheelie bin this may not be a straightforward exercise as your bin could be several houses to the left or right it may even be the other side of the road.Clearly marking your bin with the owners house number does NOT guarantee the safe return of your bin.

2.Be a Good neighbour and move the bins that are waiting for their owners to the kerbside of the pavement so that people have clear access, this is essential so pushchairs and wheelchair users do not have to use the road to make their way down the street.

3.Take pride in your area and clear up the inevitable mess that is in the street after the bin emptying exercise as eventually taken place.

It is also inevitable that there will be an increase in fly tipping until the Bin Collections get back to normal ,not quite sure what normal is , so be extra vigilant over the coming days and report any suspicious dumping to the local authorities.


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