Breaking out the Vinyl

Rediscovering our Vinyl Record collection or a trip down memory lane.

Having grown up before the era of digital we have gathered a collection of several hundred Lp’s and singles from just about every genre, though the collection is heavily weighted towards Rock music.

Having purchased a new record deck nothing to fancy, I am in a position to break out some of my vinyl for the first time well more years then I care to count.

So we got ourselves an Ion Record deck ,purchased from Amazon, which can also digitise vinyl and cassettes (using the input port) its got built in speakers and rca audio outputs for linking to the main sound system. Sound is pretty good.

It was quite a memory jogger breaking open the records for the first time in ages .Theres nothing quite like the look and feel of LP’s from 20-30 well maybe closer to forty years ago.
Rummaging through the numerous record boxes thought I’d dig out just a hand full before the day job gets in the way.
Vinyl Record Collection

I’d just like to point out that the Status Quo Lp’s are the wife’s.

So got quite a playlist (non digital) for today Queen, Pink Floyd , Tangerine Dream , Lynyrd SkynyrdΒ all on glorious Vinyl.

Now who remembers this one ??

Irene Cara



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