Cadburys Union endorses ageism well maybe

Cadburys Redundancies

Cadbury redundancies were inevitable from the moment that Modelez took over . When a global business takes over a iconic brand its all about creating more profit from what is a well established and loved product.
So from a business perspective £75 million investment to improve productivity and reduce costs is on the whole a small price to pay to leverage the profit margin out of what is one of the most popular chocolate brands. One assumes that the £75 million will appear at some point and this is just not part of a relocation strategy.
Now obviously the local media is reporting left right and centre on the somewhat up front and maybe confrontational approach taken by the Mondelez hierarchy but at least the announcements seem clear, concise and transparent.
What impact this round of redundancies will have on the Bournville Community is hard to say .How many local business’s rely on trade from the workers is hard to determine but we can only hope that the impact is minimal.
But there is something more worrying that maybe happening at Cadburys over and above redundancies created by improving cost per unit production. Its the way the Cadburys union Unite seem to have endorsed ageism.
Let me explain.
I like many other people have been following the announcements that Cadburys have made on various news channels .So I picked this statement up from here

Joe Clarke from Unite in Birmingham said there had “been some pain along the way, and [the union has] had some difficult conversations” with Mondelez.

He said he hoped the majority of redundancies would be people aged 55 or over who want to take the “lucrative settlement and move on to pastures new”.

Now this seems a very strange statement given that ageism is a form of discrimination that there are specific laws to prevent.

Now I do not work at Cadburys but I do fall into this age bracket well almost.

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