Its not my Parcel

Its Not My Parcel

So lets the scene.

Its a Thursday morning I’m at home enjoying the peace and quite ,daughters are at work and the wife is pottering about in the garden, and amazingly I’ve managed to survive my day off without having a list of jobs thrown at me.So pretty much a chill out day.

All of a sudden there is one hell of a banging on the front door followed by the door knocker going like its having some sort of fit and too totally ensure that the peace is abruptly ended the door bell gets a good work out (ask the wife why we have a door bell and door knocker !!).

So having inserted myself back into my skin which I had jumped out of in shock I answer the front door to be greeted by a Yodel delivery driver.

‘Can you take this parcel for next door’ he politely asks.

Now this is like a red rag to a bull.

So in a somewhat impolite out burst i give him Roy’s version of ‘No’ ,now you may consider this harsh after all he’s only doing his job but its not my bloody parcel.

So to all home delivery drivers have a care when trying to persuade people to take their neighbours parcels destroying someone’s peace and quite is likely to go down like a bucket of sick and bring out the worst in people.

Now I’m sitting here writing this article and I glance across the living room and there lurking in the corner is this parcel that my wife had accepted on behalf of the neighbour.



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