Virgin Stripping Downgrading the Virgin Media Account

Virgin Stripping the Media Account

Well after many months of discontent with the Virgin Media offerings I decided to look at what alternatives were available in the B30 area.

The bad news was that unless I stick with Virgin Media no one else could supply the fibre broadband that we wanted so a bit of a rethink.

So lets set the scene .Paying £86.00 per month for an XXL package that includes 150mb super fast Broadband. After various discussions with the girls we came to the conclusion that at least 50% of the TV offerings we did not bother with.

The landline package that was included in the deal on face value looks pretty good until you come to the realisation that the last time you used the landline was to answer the call from “John” who was informing you of the virus on your Windows 10 PC.

So the best part of the Virgin Media package is the Superfast (ish) Broadband , though I have some issues with the WiFi router they supply.

Anyway moving swiftly on we came to the conclusion that rather than ask Virgin how they could reduce our costs we would tell them what we could afford to spend.

Our budget £50 per month that’s £600 per year so not a small amount of money but a lot less than £1032 per year I have been paying.

Well after jumping through a couple of hoops we managed to hit our budget of £50 per month so what did we end up with ??.

VirginMedia Package for £50 per month

So the most significant loss from the Virgin down grade as been the drop in broadband speed but to be honest none of us have noticed ant difference. Its certainly quicker to browse through the TV channels as we have lost a ;lot of the +1 HD’s and + 1 HD’s.

On the whole we have not noticed any difference so if you your looking to cut back take a good hard look at your Virgin package and consider what you really use of it, like us you could end up saving £50 per month.

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